Sunday, September 05, 2010

A story of a man named Ahmadinejad

Found from somewhere and I would like to share it will all readers.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, The Iranian President.

Here is a picture of Ahmadinejad, not necessary for people to know but it certainly will make people gape and amaze.

1. When he first became the Acting President, he donated the entire Palace of Iranian’s carpets that are very high in value to the mosques in Tehran and replaced it with ordinary carpets that are easy to clean.

2. He found out there was a very large area for the VIP guests to be addressed so he gave order to close the room and asked the protocol to replace it with a regular room with two wooden chairs, though simple it is still look impressive.


3. He spent many time to chat with the house and office’s cleaners.

4. Under his leadership, when he asked all his minister to come to him, all the minister will receive a document signed by him which contain orders from him. While stating the orders, he also stressed on having simple life to all his ministers and he even mentioned about their personal accounts or relatives will be monitored until their last time of working and they can leave the ministry with pride.

5. His first step was that he announced the wealth and properties which consists the Peugeot 504 in 1977, a legacy of his father's modest home 40 years ago in Teheran. His bank account is totally low and the only money coming into the accounts is the monthly salary.

6. His salary as a professor at a university is only worth U.S. $ 250.

7. For additional information, the President still lives in his house. That's all that he has as being a president of a country that is important in terms of economic, strategic, political, including oil and defense. He also does not take his salary. The reason is that the wealth is owned by the state and he is assigned to take care of it.

8. One thins that makes the staff of the ministry impressed is that the president often carrying bags which filled with breakfast; sandwiches or cheese sandwiches prepared by his wife and he ate them with joy. He has also stopped the providing breakfast for the president.

9. Other thing that he changed was the policy of the Presidential Aircraft, he changed into the aircraft cargo which can save community tax and for himself, he asked to fly in economy class by using normal plane.

10. He often held meetings with his ministers to get info about the activities and efficiency that has been done, and he also cut out the palace protocol so that the ministers can go directly to his office without any obstacles. He also stop the habit such as red carpet ceremony, photo session, or self-publishing, or things like that when visiting various places in the country.


11. When he is supposed to stay at the hotel, he will ask for the room that is not too big and without bed because he does not like to sleep on the bed, but prefers to sleep on the flour coated with carpets and blankets. Is the behavior lowered his position as a president? President of Iran will sleep in the living room of his house after the last guard that always follow him dismiss.

According Wifaq newspaper, this image was taken by his brother, and then publicized by news and media around the world, including America.


12. Throughout the prayer, you can see that he was not sitting in the front row.


13. Even when a voice call to prayer rang out, he immediately worked it out wherever he was even only with cheap carpet.




p/s : thanx and credit to Azureen for translating process...

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org x translate sume pun la..
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